What’s changed for the Scouts thanks to the Big Kirk Hallam Community Chest

In the spring round of the Big Kirk Hallam community chest, The Scouts gained a grant for a visit to Holland. Here, Chris Phillips, Scout Leader, tells about the trip.

“Thanks for the donation from the community chest for the scouts. We hired 2 minibuses at a cost of nearly £1000 each, to take 25 scouts, explorers and leaders over to Holland to camp at the headquarters of a Dutch group with whom we have had links with for over 40 years.

After a 2.30am start from Kirk Hallam we travelled by road and sea to the town of Woerden. During our weeks stay we met members of the Dutch scout group. We visited Amsterdam, going on a canal tour of the city. We cycled to a nearby town where the Scouts learned about rope making and we went to a witch weighing museum. We canoed around and into the town for some exploring and shopping. We visited a theme park, an inland beach and went swimming.

We would like to thank the Big Kirk Hallam for their donation of £600 of which just over £400 went towards the trip and the remainder purchased a photocopier / printer for the scout group to use in their communications to the members.”

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