Kirk Hallam children share a ‘Fishy Friday’ lunch!

Dallimore and Ladywood Primary Schools are offering local residents over 60 a FREE Lunch!

The children of Dallimore and Ladywood would like to invite anyone over 60 yrs of age who lives in Kirk Hallam to share their Fishy Friday lunch.

This is an opportunity to come into school, spend some time chatting with the children and have a FREE lunch. We think this is a lovely way for local residents of both generations to meet and get to know each other!

If you would like to go along, all you need to do is contact the school; pop in or ring Ladywood on 0115 9320585 or Dallimore on 0115 9320741 to book your place. There is also help with transport if needed! Fishy Fridays will be happening for the rest of the school year.

One regular visitor always says how delicious the lunches are and the cook ensures there is always salt and vinegar for his chips!


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