Big Kirk Hallam takes part in community engagement research

Big Kirk Hallam is one of 150 areas in England which is part of the Big Local programme, supporting residents in control. As a partnership we gain a lot from other areas and want to share our own journey for others to gain from.

Local Trust asked NCVO to look into community engagement within Big Local areas – what makes it work, what are the challenges and what are the practical ways to overcome these. Big Kirk Hallam took part in the research and was pleased to share our experiences, our hopes and successes, our challenges and frustrations.

The Big Kirk Hallam case study is here along with others:


There is also the overall report and blog here:



“To reach everyone, you have to have a printed newsletter through every door about four times a year even if some don’t get read. To be accountable to residents you need face-to-face opportunities through being seen at others’ events and running your own. To share and discuss plans, you need to work with interested groups and bring the findings to a larger event. To keep a record, you need to see the web as both a live communications tool and an archive.”

Kirk Hallam engagement case study (Final .pdf

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