Warm Welcome Club

We received the following from the Warm Welcome Club telling us about their trips out using the funding from Big Kirk Hallam.


In September (just as the children return to school) we had our annual visit to the coast, our favourite flat venue…Skegness! Quite a few of our members hire mobility scooters while they are there, and manage to cover a fair bit of ground!

What a fabulous trip, pleasant weather, fish and chips, an ice-cream and a few of our members even managed a little bit of early Christmas shopping in Skegness market!

On the 21st of December we enjoyed a special 3 course Christmas lunch, all of our members also received a Christmas card and gift of a box of biscuits.

It sounds like you had a great time and we can understand why the lunch club is the most well attended in Erewash.

If you are interested in attending, the club meets every Wednesday at noon at the Cat & Fiddle pub in Kirk Hallam. The club subsidises a 2 course meal for approximately 40 elderly people that live in Kirk Hallam.

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