Thank you – Grandparent’s Lunch at Dallimore School

we received the following from Debra Ward who attended the grandparent’s lunch at Dallimore Primary School

We would like to thank Dallimore School and Big Kirk Hallam for our ‘Grandparents lunch’ on Friday 5th May. We had a lovely time. It was ‘Fishy Friday’ so we enjoyed fish, chips, and a lovely fresh side salad, with fresh fruit for pudding.

Scarlett was very excited to have her Grandparents there, and was showing us what to do in the dinner queue and hall. She even insisted I sit on one side of her and her Grandad on the other side. it was lovely to see how nice the school environment is, and I was pleased to see all the displays on anti-bullying and how the children need to care about, and be kind to one another. It was also really nice to see the Head Teacher sitting having lunch and chatting with some of the children.

What a great experience, thanks again!

You’re welcome Debra – we’re glad you and Scarlett had a great time


One thought on “Thank you – Grandparent’s Lunch at Dallimore School

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