Local Trust pleased with current plan review

Before submitting our 2018 -20 plan for Big Kirk Hallam, we reviewed what has been happening over the last two years. This review is on the website and we are pleased that it has been well received by Local Trust, which oversees and manages the Big Local programme. Their report is attached. Their headlines are below.

What we liked about your plan review:

· The Annual Report attachment is an excellent summary of your activities. The pictures, quotes and numbers of participants or beneficiaries in the report added context to your activities.

· The report also demonstrated how you have used information you have gathered to communicate your achievements with the community.

· The links to your website and social media pages demonstrated your efforts to engage with residents.

· You included a very detailed spend and budget against each theme. This helped to further demonstrate the narrative of your successes and challenges with some themes progressing well with others struggling to get started.

Plan review feedback BKH.pdf


2 thoughts on “Local Trust pleased with current plan review

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