What’s changed – looking back at the success of the community chest

The community chest started way back in 2013 when the then steering group were impatient to get funding to small groups even before their first community plan was approved.

Using of the start-up money, the partnership developed the community chest as a small funding pot for applications up to £1000 from local groups, for residents and backed by residents.

The community chest has been running ever since, with three or more rounds each year, attracting a wide range of inspiring applications covering activity across Big Kirk Hallam’s four main themes of Things to do and places to go, Access and the Environment, Quality of life and Education and training.

The guidance for any newcomers is here: Guidance and information notes June 2017 onwards.docx

Look back at the last two rounds gives a great flavour of the range and diversity of bids:

£500 to 21st Ilkeston Scout Group for various activities such as climbing, abseiling, archery, trampoline, sailing

£778.40 to Warm Welcome Club for a trip to the peak district, including lunch

£500 to All Saints Church for a trip for 50 residents to Skegness

£1000 to Parkside High for a skate themed family fun day around the skatepark

£900 to All Saints Church for a Royal Wedding Street party along the church driveway

£150 to Big Kirk Hallam Community Centre for toys and games for older children for the Stay and Play sessions

£953 to This Girl Can at Ladywood Primary School supporting the 5 ambassadors and a range of activity

£1000 for football coaching at Ladywood Primary School

£910 for a trip to Conkers for 1st Kirk Hallam Brownies

£652 for Boys Adventure (Wild explorers) at Ladywood Primary School

£800 for Junior Leaders at Ladywood Primary School

These small sums continue to make a big difference as this lovely feedback from Ladywood shows:

“Thank you for letting us know (about the successful applications). We felt the interviews went really well. Our children and parents are a credit to us. Their passion for the projects they’re involved in is really admirable. The grants are making a real difference to our community, including our school community. Without Big Kirk Hallam’s help, we wouldn’t be able to support our residents so extensively.”

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