What’s changed – looking back at the success of Monkey Trouble

The Monkey Trouble Parent and Toddler group is run through Big Kirk Hallam Community Centre in response to Quality of Life theme and Supporting Families priority in the Big Kirk Hallam plan.

The initial aims of the group have been to get it up and running, make sure parents and carers know about it and can come to it and as a result increase the sense of community spirit and feeling supported and more resilience.

From the March 2018 report to the partnership, these aims are being met. Alisya Hill from BKHCC says that more than 25 children are coming with their parents and carers and is run by two volunteer parents. They provide a different craft activity every week as well as using the centre’s toys. They now provide healthy snacks for the children as well as hot drinks for the parents; these are now kindly donated by the local Co-Op. They also now charge £1.00 per child as this allows them to put on occasional extra entertainment as well as buying each of the children a gift at Christmas.

Numbers continue to grow, so that the group has now moved to the Main Hall to have more space.

The group is making a positive difference. The children get to play together and the parents get to take a breather and get to know other local parents. The social aspect of the group is huge with new friends being made all the time. The group and especially the two volunteer parents are very welcoming and everyone joins in making it a very enjoyable group. Big Kirk Hallam also gave the group £250 through the community chest which has been used to buy new toys.

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