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Here you can find more about the Big Kirk Hallam plan, what the themes and priorities are, what we plan to spend the £1m on and what we hope will change as a result to help make Kirk Hallam an even better place to live

Thumbs up for Big Kirk Hallam’s new plan

Big Kirk Hallam’s new plan has been approved after very positive feedback from Paul Bragman, the plan assessor for Local Trust. Congratulations to all involved, to the partnership and to all residents who remain so positive about what has been achieved and clear about the priorities ahead.

Paul’s feedback is attached. In it he said:

“Big Kirk Hallam are a strong, committed and passionate Partnership that are able to discuss and work through challenges to deliver a range of community activities in their area. They have done a lot to strengthen their Governance arrangements that has helped them to be clear as a Partnership and make good decisions. It was interesting to hear that all projects are discussed by the Partnership and that monitoring reports are signed off by the Partnership and sent to the LTO and they double check against the SLA before paying.

It was great to hear that they are most proud of the community centre and some of the groups that have grown. Particularly as they talked about a lot of things closing down over the years. It was lovely to hear that the Big Local projects made the community proud of the area when lots of things were being closed and that it has also brought the community together. Their Facebook page has lots of nice comments saying how grateful residents are. It was interesting to hear that as part of developing the plan the Partnership undertook a Deep Dive review beyond their quarterly reports. It aimed to be part of building the community, by building stories that the community could also share. My recommendation is to keep doing what they are doing. It is an exciting plan and I wish the Partnership every success going forward with their delivery over the next two years.”

Kirk Hallam assessment feedback.pdf