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Here you can find more about the Big Kirk Hallam plan, what the themes and priorities are, what we plan to spend the £1m on and what we hope will change as a result to help make Kirk Hallam an even better place to live

Year 5 and 6 plan

Here is our year 5 and 6 plan running from August 2018 – June 2020

BigKH-plan2018-20-final August18 – Nova


Independent assessor praises Big Kirk Hallam new plan

Big Kirk Hallam has a new plan for 2018-20, which has been approved by Local Trust after independent assessment by Margaret Jackson, a Big Local Rep covering other areas.

This is what Margaret wrote after reviewing all the documents and meeting with the partnership.

“Kirk Hallam Big Local partnership comprises a welcoming group of residents who are dedicated to making a difference and achieving the Big Local outcomes within their area. They have made substantial progress to date in running projects which reach to all sectors of their community and they are careful to ensure that they are thinking about the needs of all residents – young and old. They continually reflect on what is working well, and not so well and aim to improve how they use their Big Local money wisely. They have come to the conclusion that relationships are key – both with the local community but also with organisations who have been commissioned to deliver services. They have learnt that the best projects are those delivered by local people and organisations who are committed to the community in Kirk Hallam. This is also an entrepreneurial partnership which is keen to respond to opportunities – an approach adopted to utilise the former Sure-Start centre as the Big Kirk Hallam Community Centre.

The BKH Community Centre is becoming a hub for the Kirk Hallam Big Local and as such is increasing the reputation and impact of the Big Local partnership to the wider community, evidenced by the use of the centre by the Clinical Commissioning Group and also to provide some primary education. Ensuring the centre is a vibrant and well used facility is therefore a focus within this plan; providing community development support over the period of the plan will help ensure the centre is well used and valued by all residents – old and young. Providing business development support aims to ensure that the governance of the centre is fit for purpose and that a long term plan is prepared which shows how the centre can be sustainable when the Big Local money runs out. The partnership is addressing these issues sensitively through working with the current management committee – having learnt that good relationships are key. They are also aware that independent advice could be available if required.

Whilst a focus for the plan is to support a variety of community activities within the BKH Community Centre, the partnership is also mindful to support activities in the wider community including activities for young people and with the schools.

This plan should help the partnership move towards their legacy aims of residents with improved aspirations and a more confident community.”