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Our draft plan and consultation event for year 5 and 6

Independent assessor praises Big Kirk Hallam new plan

Big Kirk Hallam has a new plan for 2018-20, which has been approved by Local Trust after independent assessment by Margaret Jackson, a Big Local Rep covering other areas.

This is what Margaret wrote after reviewing all the documents and meeting with the partnership.

“Kirk Hallam Big Local partnership comprises a welcoming group of residents who are dedicated to making a difference and achieving the Big Local outcomes within their area. They have made substantial progress to date in running projects which reach to all sectors of their community and they are careful to ensure that they are thinking about the needs of all residents – young and old. They continually reflect on what is working well, and not so well and aim to improve how they use their Big Local money wisely. They have come to the conclusion that relationships are key – both with the local community but also with organisations who have been commissioned to deliver services. They have learnt that the best projects are those delivered by local people and organisations who are committed to the community in Kirk Hallam. This is also an entrepreneurial partnership which is keen to respond to opportunities – an approach adopted to utilise the former Sure-Start centre as the Big Kirk Hallam Community Centre.

The BKH Community Centre is becoming a hub for the Kirk Hallam Big Local and as such is increasing the reputation and impact of the Big Local partnership to the wider community, evidenced by the use of the centre by the Clinical Commissioning Group and also to provide some primary education. Ensuring the centre is a vibrant and well used facility is therefore a focus within this plan; providing community development support over the period of the plan will help ensure the centre is well used and valued by all residents – old and young. Providing business development support aims to ensure that the governance of the centre is fit for purpose and that a long term plan is prepared which shows how the centre can be sustainable when the Big Local money runs out. The partnership is addressing these issues sensitively through working with the current management committee – having learnt that good relationships are key. They are also aware that independent advice could be available if required.

Whilst a focus for the plan is to support a variety of community activities within the BKH Community Centre, the partnership is also mindful to support activities in the wider community including activities for young people and with the schools.

This plan should help the partnership move towards their legacy aims of residents with improved aspirations and a more confident community.”

This is the plan we are submitting to Local Trust for years 5 and 6 (August 2018 – June 2020

Here is the final version of our plan we are submitting toLocal Trust


there are a few changes from our initial draft as we have listened to residents views and made some slight changes following consultation meetings.


Fingers crossed it is approved by Local Trust. We should hear back by mid June – Watch this space – we’ll keep you updated

BigKH-plan2018-20-final May 18.2

Local Trust pleased with current plan review

Before submitting our 2018 -20 plan for Big Kirk Hallam, we reviewed what has been happening over the last two years. This review is on the website and we are pleased that it has been well received by Local Trust, which oversees and manages the Big Local programme. Their report is attached. Their headlines are below.

What we liked about your plan review:

· The Annual Report attachment is an excellent summary of your activities. The pictures, quotes and numbers of participants or beneficiaries in the report added context to your activities.

· The report also demonstrated how you have used information you have gathered to communicate your achievements with the community.

· The links to your website and social media pages demonstrated your efforts to engage with residents.

· You included a very detailed spend and budget against each theme. This helped to further demonstrate the narrative of your successes and challenges with some themes progressing well with others struggling to get started.

Plan review feedback BKH.pdf

Our plan review and draft for 2018-20

The partnership reviewed progress on our current plan and shared a draft of the next plan at the community meeting on Saturday 24 March. Your comments on the attached are welcome. We are hoping to sign off the final plan and submit it to Local Trust by mid-May.

There were some really helpful reflections from residents and partners last Saturday. Here are ten points to guide us going forward. Thank you to everyone who has supported Big Kirk Hallam and helped us as a partnership.

Ten things arising from the community conversation on 24 March 2018, reviewing the draft plan.

1. Much of what we support is inter-generational, with children and older residents mutually benefitting. Friday lunches, the Warm Welcome Club, the Big Thank You are all examples.

2. We look to remain true to the original community desire to want to be part of the action in helping make Kirk Hallam an even better place to live. Environmental action and developments at the community centre are good examples.

3. Supporting vulnerable groups arose as a priority in the earliest community conversations and has been retained throughout, including exploring new initiatives to combat isolation, domestic violence and debt.

4. A key theme in the new plan is building activity and capacity through the community centre. As vice-chair Amanda Speak said, “We were sleeping on sofas and now we have our own home.” Backing this legacy for a sustainable future is central to this plan.

5. The reach and number of community events has grown, including those set up and run through Big Kirk Hallam.

6. While investing and backing our big legacy partnership with the community centre, we also want to remain flexible and accessible to immediate and smaller scale community projects through the community chest.

7. Some things may happen quite easily but other things, like stay and play and responding to holiday hunger, have taken a lot of dedication, time and energy from a few committed people.

8. Community connection and engagement remain vital. Our first hopes had been to have a link with at least 500 residents. With the range of projects, the school partnerships and the community centre, the number of residents linked to Big Kirk Hallam is far higher than this and growing.

9. There is less activity and spend in this plan on themes 2 and 4 – access and the environment and education and training. Many activities relate to these. The partnership will take a further look at what may be needed under these two themes going forward.

10. Communicating what Big Kirk Hallam is about and what has been achieved with residents and partners is central. Newsletters through the door make sure everyone can know what’s happening and take part as they wish. Social media reaches large numbers and the website remains vital for our accountability to our neighbours and the wider public.

Looking forward the partnership has taken the following broad approach during this middle phase of the ten year Big Local programme:

· Retain the overarching vision as relevant to Big Kirk Hallam residents.

· Keep the four main themes or pillars in the existing plan.

· Look to reduce the number of activities to improve focus in the new plan.

· Build on the legacy investment in the Big Kirk Hallam Community Centre through funding activities taking place there and through underpinning its core functions by contributing to staffing costs.

· Support a wider range of community events, reducing the funding of two well-established events. Underpin the costs of events run through Big Kirk Hallam.

· Continue with the community chest, but remove the dedicated schools strand so that children and young people and parents can reconnect more with that sense of ownership that comes from applying directly themselves.

· Look to support young people in Kirk Hallam through dedicated and targeted mentoring and support, moving away from the generic youth club that has proved very hard to manage.

· Overall this approach means a likely increase in annual spend for year 5 and year 6, nearer £170,000 each year, with infrastructure support costs to the community centre providing the single biggest legacy project for Big Kirk Hallam.