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Jsan’s plan coordinator report for April 2018

Report of the Plan Coordinator for April 2018

includes updates on

Year 5 and 6 plan,

fli mobile skatepark,

Enthusiasm youth club,

gardening club,

stay and play in the Easter holidays,

details of invoices approved for spend,

the community centre

Budget spend for the year todate


Plan Co-ordinator report March 2018

Report of the Plan Coordinator for March 2018


  • Update on progress of year 5 and 6 plan
  • February community chest awards
  • Details of issues discussed in the Plan Coordinators meeting
  • Project updates
  • Project progress reports approved
  • Update on the community centre
  • Latest budget figures

Rep’s quarterly review Jan-Mar18

January – March 2018

As your Big Local Rep, about every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Looking back

Running things

The partnership continues to meet monthly and partner agreements, reports on activities, minutes of meetings and stories of action and change are posted on the website. Financial recording and reporting are sound, giving the partnership a secure basis for its decision making. The partnership is in good shape and running things well, with vision, energy and application. The focus these last few months has been on taking stock and reviewing progress, leading to submitting a plan review to Local Trust which was strongly commended. This then led onto building the new plan for summer 2018-20 and included a valuable community consultation in March. The plan will be submitted in May, followed by a visit to the partnership by Local Trust and, if approved, a launch in the summer.

Doing things

There has been much activity these last months, with more and more groups getting established and run from the Community Centre, including the launch of the community café after a pilot phase. Stay and play continues to be a great success in partnership with Fareshare and Derbyshire County Council, helping to respond to family needs in the holidays. More immediate and smaller grants continue to make a big difference through the community chest. Difficulties with managing the youth club over a significant length of time, including how it attracted significant young people not from Kirk Hallam, has led to the partnership regretfully looking to end the agreement to run this and to build other ways to offer activities for Kirk Hallam young people in the holidays.

Looking ahead

Big Kirk Hallam will finalise and submit its next plan over the coming weeks and looks forward to a visit from Local Trust as part of the review and approval process. It will then look to launch the new plan in the summer which seeks to continue with activity of proven benefit to residents and respond to new challenges and opportunities identified. The partnership approaches the coming year with vision and purpose, sound leadership and excellent co-ordination.

Bill Badham

Big Local Rep