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minutes of the meeting 12 September 2018

Here are the minutes of the meeting 12 September 2018

BKH minutes 18.09.12


AGM 2018 and election of Partnership Group members

The 2018 AGM was held on 20 October alongside the Big Kirk Hallam Big Thank You awards . have a check of our powerpoint showing photos of activities funded and names of those nominated for the Big Thank You

BKH AGM 2018

The following residents were elected onto the Partnership Group

Sarah Addis

Amabel Badder

Matt Betesta

Alex Harris

Sylvie Humphreys

Antony Robinson

Amanda Speake

Tracy Thorp

Liz Ward

Big Local Rep quarterly review July – September 2018

As your Big Local Rep, every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Looking back

Recent activity and successes for Big Kirk Hallam are overshadowed by the death of partnership member and friend to many, Dave Addis. Our thoughts are with the family over these difficult coming weeks.

Running things

The partnership continues to meet monthly and partner agreements, reports on activities, minutes of meetings and stories of action and change are posted on the website. The latest newsletter was published in July and circulated to ever household.

With the Academy now being run by NOVA, the Local Trusted Organisation responsibilities have been transferred across to them as Big Kirk Hallam’s accountable body. The new headteacher, Mark Watts and the Executive Head Teacher, Chris James, have both been very supportive of the arrangement and how it can benefit Big Kirk Hallam, the Academy and the community, stressing they recognised the importance of community and engagement with the community.

As the Local Rep, I have recently shared a blog on how Big Local is managed and run to ensure resident led action and sound governance and transparent accountability.

Doing things

The summer was very busy and highly successful. Between 50 and 80 children took part each week for the five weeks of Stay and Play, accompanied by at least one parent or carer. Parents took increased responsibility for helping run the sessions. Each family took away Fare Share snacks and lunch bags. Baking and cooking were very popular. Thanks to growing interest and support from various sources, this success led onto Free Food Friday, with 751 bundles of food and household items given out. And a third activity, a children’s cinema, attracted 16 – 34 each week and again included free snacks and food. The partnership remains committed to these successful approaches to help combat poverty and isolation but is outspoken in its concern at the underlying causes of such need in the community.

Another successful round of the community chest led to awards to Big Kirk Hallam Community Centre, Warm Welcome Club, Ladywood Primary School, Friends of Lake and Meadows, 21st Ilkeston Scouts and to 1st Kirk Hallam Brownies.

The Community Centre is seeing new bookings, including from Insight Mental Health and Aspire Wrestling (very popular!) and increased usage from established groups like the café and Knit and Natter. The community garden has proved a popular project. New members have joined the committee and a revised constitution developed.

Looking ahead

Big Kirk Hallam is holding its AGM and Big Thank you in October. The Christmas celebration will happen as a separate event. And residents are once again committed to ensure a Christmas lunch is put on for those in Kirk Hallam who are lonely and isolated and are applying to the community chest for funding.

Big Kirk Hallam AGM and Big Thank You Award date

Big Kirk Hallam is holding its AGM on the 20th October 2018 at 2.00pm at the Big Kirk Hallam Community Centre on Kenilworth Drive.

Partnership Group members standing for reelection are

Sarah Addis

Amabel Badder

Matt Betesta

Alex Harris

Sylvie Humphries

Antony Robinson

Amanda Speake

Tracy Thorp


If you are interested in joining the Partnership Group please contact Jsan Shepherd at the community centre – tel 0115 8371380 for more details


Doing the right thing right

How things are run in Big Kirk Hallam – Big Local rep, Bill Badham, reflects

Occasionally questions arise about how the Big Local resident-led programmed is managed and overseen. Residents on the local partnership put themselves forward to support the community, giving of their time and expertise. They do an amazing job in identifying and responding to its priorities. They can face many challenges, along with the rewards of helping make their area an even better place to live. They open themselves up to comment and, just occasionally, this can become quite personal and hurtful.This blog sets out how Big Local is run and the checks in place to make sure there is maximum benefit to residents, minimum bureaucracy and sound scrutiny to make sure things are run right.

Back in 2010, the National Lottery set up Big Local as a community-led programme to reach 150 areas in England, with at least £1m to spend over about 10 years. By 2012, all areas had got underway. Each area must follow a required pathway, including setting up a local residents’ group, choosing a local trusted organisation to be the legally accountable body, connecting with the wider community, researching local needs and building, implementing and reviewing a plan that responds to local priorities.

Local Trust ( manages the whole programme and holds and invests unspent money until needed. Return on that investment is distributed locally to add to the £1m for each area. Each area must have a Big Local rep to oversee progress and support the local area, also paid for centrally and managed through Local Trust.

Each Big Local area is run by a local partnership which must include at least five residents, making up at least 51% of the partnership with at least 51% of voting rights. The make-up and functioning of the partnership is reviewed annually to check that it is in good health and remains relevant and responsive to local needs, with clear policies and procedures to guide its work and respond to concerns and complaints.

The Local Trusted Organisation is chosen by the local partnership as one that can be accountable, support the partnership and keep to the vision and values of Big Local. It is vetted by Local Trust and must keep all relevant records, submit its accounts and be open to spot checks from Local Trust. It signs a legal contract with Local Trust to ensure it keeps to the ethical and financial requirements of Big Local. In this area, it is paid no more than 5% of local spend and this payment is paid centrally, not from local funds.

The partnership is responsible for the development of the local plan and to make sure it is delivered with partners working toward the shared vision and objectives. This plan is checked thoroughly by Local Trust before approval. Subsequent spend is reviewed every six months by the partnership and Local Trust. There are Service Level Agreements between the Local Trusted Organisation and partner organisations to monitor progress. Reports from delivery partners need approval from the partnership before funding is released. The Big Local rep also submits a quarterly report to Local Trust on progress, successes and any areas of concern locally.

Each area is part of the wider Big Local community. Support, learning and sharing opportunities are available to make the most of Big Local as a powerful, resident-led, community focused programme to help make the 150 areas even better places to live.

Bill Badham

Big Local Rep

September 2018