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Minutes of the Partnership Group meeting November 2018

Here are the minutes from the November Partnership Group meeting

They include

A review of the AGM and Big Thank You awards

Results of the community chest for October

Plans for the christmas event for December 1

Update from the plan coordinator

bkh minutes 2018.14.11



Minutes from the October Partnership Group meeting

Here are the minutes from the October Partnership Group meeting


They include updates on

A suggestion for a young people’s group

Plans for AGM and Big Thank You awards

Update from the Plan Coordinator

bkh minutes 2018.10.10


Partnership Group members

Here are our current Partnership Group Members as at January 2019

We have 3 vacancies for voting residents on our Partnership Group – if you are interested in joining the Partnership please contact our Plan Coordinator Jsan Shepherd at the community centre.

Voting residents

Sarah Addis

Amabel Badder

Matt Betesta                     Vice Chair Young person

Christine French

Alex Harris

Sylvie Humphreys

Antony Robinson

Amanda Speake             Vice Chair

Tracy Thorp                     Chair

Non voting members

Mark Watts – Local Trusted Organisation lead

Bill Badham – Big Local rep

Jsan Shepherd – Plan Coordinator






Big Local Rep’s review for Autumn 2018

October – December 2018

As your Big Local Rep, every three months I share my thoughts on local area progress with you as residents and with the central team managing the national programme. Your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Looking back

Running things

The partnership continues to meet monthly and partner agreements, reports on activities, minutes of meetings and stories of action and change are posted on the website. Service Level Agreements for funded activity have been updated and are shared on line. As the Local Rep, I recently shared a blog on what happens when the money runs out.

The partnership undertook its annual review in the autumn and is really pleased at the developing relationship with the Academy, run by NOVA. Mark Watts, the headteacher, is an active member of the partnership and is bringing valued support and scrutiny to how things are run and how the Local Trusted Organisation manages its responsibilities.

The Annual report was published in time for the AGM and distributed to every household and is jam packed with news and information on action and change across Kirk Hallam. In the coming months, Amanda Speake and Mark Watts will lead on developing a young people’s forum linked to Big Kirk Hallam, building on years of active involvement, written up in a recent blog.

Doing things

Big Kirk Hallam held its AGM and Big Thank you in October. It was a massive success for the residents taking part and for the partnership in organising it. Capacity was helped by having the Christmas celebration separately – again a huge triumph.

The autumn round of community chest saw grants given to the craft group, monkey trouble playgroup, Dallimore School for transport to universities, the poppy display and Ladywood Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. Funding was also available for putting on the Christmas lunch once again but sadly it wasn’t possible to muster the numbers to take part this year. The partnership was pleased to approve funding to Lakes and Meadows for replacing a bench in memory of Hazel Cooper.

The Community Centre gets ever busier and the focus for the coming six months is to seek and secure further funding to strengthen its longer term sustainability. The café has being building reputation and trade, but there is a lull while recruiting a new manager. Thanks also to Debra Ward who is leaving the Warm Welcome Club after many years and to Tony Robinson as caretaker of the centre.

Looking ahead

The partnership is looking forward to the coming quarter, with many activities lined up across the outcome priorities of the existing plan, things to do and places to go, access and environment, quality of life and education and training.

What’s changed and how do we know it?

The resident-led partnership is always keen to know what change has happened thanks to Big Kirk Hallam’s help, through investment, support and volunteering.

The fantastic annual reports bring together a glittering array of stories of resident-led action and community change and you can find other stories on this website and in the regular newsletters.

Back in October 2015, three Big Local areas explored how we know what’s going on and how we know what difference we’ve made. These ideas and methods have guided us over the years, seeking to capture the difference that specific activities and projects have made as well as the more general sense of how things are changing for the better and why we feel Kirk Hallam is an even better place to live. Here is the report.

BLeval-session- reportOct15.docx

More resources are available for free here:

AGM 2018 and election of Partnership Group members

The 2018 AGM was held on 20 October alongside the Big Kirk Hallam Big Thank You awards . have a check of our powerpoint showing photos of activities funded and names of those nominated for the Big Thank You

BKH AGM 2018

The following residents were elected onto the Partnership Group

Sarah Addis

Amabel Badder

Matt Betesta

Alex Harris

Sylvie Humphreys

Antony Robinson

Amanda Speake

Tracy Thorp

Liz Ward