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Presentation about second plan assessment

At the June partnership meeting, Cerys Thomas from Local Trust came and toured the area with our acting chair, Tracy Thorp and our plan co-ordinator, Jsan Shepherd and then met with the whole partnership to discuss the proposed second plan. As part of this, we took her through some of the highlights so far and some of the learning we have gained in building the second plan. Here is the presentation.

1606 plan assessment presentation.pptx

Big Kirk Hallam second plan gets a good looking over

As part of the assessment process of any Big Local plan, an assessor assigned from Local Trust comes out to visit, look round the area and meet the partnership.

Cerys Thomas came on Monday. Her feedback is really positive and she has sent us these observations to share with everyone. Now everything gets put together for a final check by Local Trust and we should know whether the plan is approved or not in the next few weeks. We anticipate it would go active on 1 August this year as the first plan ends. Fingers crossed and thank you to all residents and workers for your continuing support and hard work.

Cerys Thomas’s summary of her assessment

The bits in bold are the statements she then comments on in italics

The community has been engaged in the process of creating the plan being assessed and there is evidence that they support the vision and priorities; there is community buy-in.

There has been significant consultation, and the partnership works hard to ensure continual engagement. Meetings are open and often attended by community members not on the partnership and it seeks to engage with hard to reach residents in other and more imaginative ways.

Data/statistics have been used with information from consultation and engagement to identify priorities and responses to those.

There is evidence of how the partnership has used data and statistics from a range of agencies, and has combined these with local consultation. It is also planning to respond to changes as a result of government cuts, not by replacing services which are withdrawn but by using the opportunity to take a creative look at how service users can continue to be supported.

A vision has been identified, the priorities are clear.
The timelines for delivery look achievable and realistic; it is clear what activities and projects will be delivered in the short and long term

The vision and priorities are clear. Some activities, which are completely new, may not evolve in the way they are currently envisaged but the partnership understands this is a possibility, and seeks to learn from this. The larger projects (those with the largest spend) are on target for delivery.

The plan will achieve lasting / sustainable change in the area.

Some of the projects will provide infrastructure that will continue well into the future e.g. the skate park. It is hoped these will also alter people’s impressions of the area as it will encourage visitors from outside the area. Other projects are on a smaller scale so the change will be incremental. There is interesting work being done with primary age schoolchildren about aspirations which could also have long term impact.