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Here you will find the stories of action and change helped by Big Kirk Hallam funding in 2014

What’s Changed – Kirk Hallam Youth Club

Kirk Hallam Youth Club is a new group developed by Enthusiasm Trust with the aim of offering a programme of engaging and enjoyable activities for local young people. It also plans to build capacity by enabling local people to train as volunteers and run the project.

Enthusiasm have been working hard to make contact with local young people and to let them know about the weekly club nights which run on a Tuesday evening at Kirk Hallam Social Club between 6.30pm and 8.00pm.

Attendance numbers at the club have grown and now up to 70 young people come along and take part in activities each week!

Enthusiasm Trust have already identified 6 people who are passionate and want to make a difference in their local community by donating time to the club. They have attended regularly as volunteers and have received training in how to develop and plan a youth club and work effectively with young people

Here’s what some of the young people and volunteers have said about the youth club:

It’s fun and safe and great for the Kirk Hallam community.”

Mimi Anderson (young person)

It’s the best thing that’s happened to Kirk Hallam. Its better because you can come here instead of causing trouble on the streets. The best thing about it is seeing your friends.”

Liam Haywood (young person)

Week nights used to be boring but ever since this started now they are not, I am so glad I came. There’s always a different activity every week.”

Lily Potter (young person)

The youth club is a great idea to bring local young people together to decide what they want to do and they become apart of it. It gives them something to do to keep them off the streets. I enjoy being a volunteer and giving something back after living here for 9 years. I enjoy living here it’s safe and people are welcoming. Kirk Hallam sometimes gets a bad reputation but stuff like this helps to show the positives.”

Emma Hardy (local volunteer)

Young people having fun at the club.

Young people having fun at the club.

Enthusiasm continue to seek people from the community with the right skills who are interested in being involved in running the club. Over the next few months the youth club leaders will also be holding a special big youth event and have asked the young people to vote on whether they want a Neon Party, The Cube (game show) or I’m a celebrity. They will also be holding an official launch including inviting local councillors and Big Kirk Hallam steering group members as well as other local people.


What’s Changed at Kirk Hallam Children’s Centre

Kirk Hallam Children’s Centre has been running projects to benefit local children and their families, with help from Big Kirk Hallam funding.

Over the Christmas period the centre held a Christmas party for all children in the Kirk Hallam area. There were activities for all members of the family to enjoy, and also a chance to meet Santa. This was a very popular event! This is what some of the parents said:

A friendly atmosphere, excellent presents from Santa, good activities and great staff.”

Very well organised, great and we are going to come to other activities as a result of this.”

First time my child has ever seen Santa.”

We loved Magical Movers it’s made us dance at home.”

The party enabled parents who would not normally access services to come together make new friendships and have the confidence to access other things.

The Children’s centre have also been able to invest further in their Every Child a Talker (ECAT) initiative. This programme helps children to develop their speech before they enter school. Local and national data shows that children in the Kirk Hallam area can experience significant speech and language delays leading to lower than national average levels of learning and development.

12 weekly sessions are offered to families, who are provided with a ‘family take home pack’. The Big Kirk Hallam funding has been used to provide resources to support the work of their ECAT worker, including outdoor play and sensory equipment and resources, a ‘Teepee communication-friendly Space’ and ‘Every Child A Talker resource packs’ and ‘family take home packs’.

The packs have also been used with identified children in the centre’s ‘Ready for Nursery’ and ‘Talented 2s’ sessions.

So far the project has benefited 4 families who have taken part in ECAT and used resource packs at home and a further 60 families who have received take home resource packs.

The centre now plans to buy more resource packs so that a greater number of families can benefit from the programme.

With thanks to Sophie Keenan, young Big Kirk Hallam News-hub member for her contributions to this post.

The scouts go to Holland!

A Report by Alex Baker (year 9)

Earlier this year in July I was given the chance to go to Holland with the 21st Ilkeston/Kirk Hallam scout pack. I started at the scout pack in Beavers 7 years ago and have ever since been going camping around the country with them. Going to Holland was the first time I had ever been abroad with the 21st and I was extremely excited to go. Before and through the duration of the trip I was unaware that Big Kirk Hallam had funded part of the trip, kindly donating £600 to the troop through the community chest award scheme.

The Holland trip was amazing. We got to go to the national science museum and go swimming at a massive swimming complex! The hut we stayed in was amazing with a small stream running down the side in which we decided to jump and front flip into at night! I would like to say a massive thank you to Big Kirk Hallam for helping fund this amazing trip which will stay with me as a happy memory forever.

The Community Academy’s Autumn Show 2014 – what’s changed?

Kirk Hallam Community Academy hosted the 4th Kirk Hallam autumn Show in the lakeside hall on Saturday 4th October 2014. Members of the community were invited to take part in various growing and creative competitions.

Local food suppliers and businesses had stalls to sell products to the visiting community and produce positive community spirit throughout the event. Around 500 people came through the show on the day, whether to participate in the growing and creative competitions, carry out their food shopping for the week, have their faces painted or visit the Big Kirk Hallam stand to see how their funding had been spent and the plans for future developments.

Big Kirk Hallam has supported this community event so that it can promote community engagement in food production and sustainability. By promoting the growing of produce at home families can learn how to produce cheap and healthy meals packed with vitamins, not to mention the satisfaction of eating something that you’ve grown from seed.

The event was entirely staffed by volunteers from Kirk Hallam Community Academy and the Big Kirk Hallam team. Students from the academy also helped out.

A local charity “Exercise for the Heart” held a store selling balloons for a balloon race which were released at the end of the show. The charity raised in excess of £150 for their charity which supports improving fitness in local people who have had heart related complaints and are wary of putting pressure of their hearts.

The Derbyshire Air Ambulance also raised money to support their vital service to the area.

Overall the event helped to raise awareness of food production, the Big Kirk Hallam project and help support charities who have a wider reach through the years in the wonderful community that is Kirk Hallam.

Adele Chilton

Kirk Hallam Community Academy

What’s changed thanks to Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon took place this year and was a great success with approx. 600 people participating.

Activities such as ‘Slacklining’ kept teenagers involved, while face painting, henna, arts and crafts were offered to younger children.

Erewash Borough Council’s EBC’s PACE (Physically Active Children in Erewash) Co-ordinator came along to offer fruit kebab workshops, and the bubble bike and smoothie bike were also very popular with children of all ages.

A number of organisations and community groups also staffed information stalls.

The community feast was as popular as ever, servicing two different kinds of soups and bread, followed by scones with cream and jam, some of which were made by Kirk Hallam residents through community workshops with Dallimore School.

Nottingham School of Samba came along to assist the lantern procession, when approx. 200 adults and children (plus several dogs!) carried their lanterns through the woods and around the lake before ending back at the meadow at approx. 7.30pm.

Thank you again to Big Kirk Hallam for your support, funding and encouragement to all those involved in Harvest Moon.

Jo Stockdale

What’s changed for the Scouts thanks to the Big Kirk Hallam Community Chest

In the spring round of the Big Kirk Hallam community chest, The Scouts gained a grant for a visit to Holland. Here, Chris Phillips, Scout Leader, tells about the trip.

“Thanks for the donation from the community chest for the scouts. We hired 2 minibuses at a cost of nearly £1000 each, to take 25 scouts, explorers and leaders over to Holland to camp at the headquarters of a Dutch group with whom we have had links with for over 40 years.

After a 2.30am start from Kirk Hallam we travelled by road and sea to the town of Woerden. During our weeks stay we met members of the Dutch scout group. We visited Amsterdam, going on a canal tour of the city. We cycled to a nearby town where the Scouts learned about rope making and we went to a witch weighing museum. We canoed around and into the town for some exploring and shopping. We visited a theme park, an inland beach and went swimming.

We would like to thank the Big Kirk Hallam for their donation of £600 of which just over £400 went towards the trip and the remainder purchased a photocopier / printer for the scout group to use in their communications to the members.”

What’s changed for the cubs with their new tents

In the spring 2014 round of the Big Kirk Hallam community chest, an award was given to the Cubs for new tents. Diane Harris tells us about the cubs first eventful outing with the new equipment purchased thanks to this grant.

“Many thanks to Big Kirk Hallam for granting us £1000 from the community chest. Here is a photo of the cubs sitting outside their new tents.

We were on district camp at the end of July at Sherbrook Scout Camp in Calverton. We had 65 cubs on camp. And – yes – we were on camp when the extreme storm hit us! We were very lucky as we got a 20 minutes warning from many sources to how bad it was. Having a building for cooking and dining was a blessing as we decided to take all personal gear out of the tents and store in there until deciding what to do! We had been informed from another campsite they had lost everything! The last few cubs were running in with their gear when it started! Having the cubs safely tucked up in the building I started a sing song of camp fire songs, whilst other leaders made sure the tents were as secure as we could get them! The water rose but just failed to get into the building!

A couple hours later we all moved back into the tents and all the water subsided with very little water in the tents – they were well and truly tested. I am very happy with the tents we were able to choose!”