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Here you will find the stories of action and change funded by Big Kirk Hallam in 2015.

Kim Bell looks on in wonderment at progress

Kim was Big Kirk Hallam’s first plan co-ordinator before Jsan and helped build the first plan. Kim was just looking on the website at all the things that have happened this last year and was full of praise for all that has been happening. She just sent this email. She is someone who knows of the dreams and ideas and of all the hard work to make them come true.

Kim’s message

It’s been a while since I have been in touch but I just wanted to contact you and say ‘WOW’ …

I have been following the progress of the Big Kirk Hallam plan and it is exciting to see so many of the ideas coming to life. What began two years ago as just ‘wishful discussions’ with local residents about what they would like to see happening in Kirk Hallam is now becoming a reality! It is brilliant to see that the residents and people who work in the area remain passionate and committed about making a difference. So often groups can set up with good intentions and ‘talk the talk’ but then run out of steam but not Big Kirk Hallam, you are making things happen!

Of course, it needs a steadying guiding hand and it is good to see that Jsan is moving the plan forward, I am so glad that I was able to hand over the care of the plan to her.

Please can you pass on my regards to the partnership group and let them know that I check in from time to time (social media) as I think once involved in something like Big Kirk Hallam, it stays with you! Although I am no longer personally involved I do wish the area well and it is great to see the differences that the funding is making.

Kim Bell

Big Kirk Hallam Camp Out

Photos from the Big Kirk Hallam Camp Out attended by staff and year 6 pupils at Ladywood and Dallimore Schools

The first weekend in October saw the first Big Kirk Hallam camp out take place on Dallimore playing field. The weather was glorious with the sun shining constantly and everyone had an amazing time. The first thing that everyone had to learn was how to pitch the tents that they were going to sleep in overnight! Tea on the Friday night was chips from the chip shop. Luckily the staff had pre ordered as there would have been quite a wait for the 70 bags of chips they needed! During Friday evening “The Starman” set up telescopes for the children to look at the stars and there were stories around the campfire. At the end of the evening “The Starman” set up his own telescope for the children and staff to be able to view Uranus. What a magical experience.

Then came the adventure of sleeping under canvas and the challenge of getting into a sleeping bag! Rumour has it that there was one noisy tent – guess what – it wasn’t the children but the staff from Ladywood who had to be told to be quiet!

Saturday was a day full of new adventures, challenges and activities. These included shelter building, archery, distilling water to clean it and to make hot chocolate with it, team building through silent communication, making bug pancakes and eating them (including the bugs!)and trying special camping food.

Mel Lawson, Head Teacher at Ladywood said

“ it was fantastic to see the Ladywood learners and staff get stuck into activities and enjoy themselves and have time away from technology. One child commented on this saying it was good to not have phones and iPads. The company that provided the tents and activities were fabulous.”

Rachel Crowther, Head Teacher at Dallimore said

“ The campout went really well. The company were great and of course the weather helped.”

The children were split into mixed school groups so that they had the opportunity to make new friends.

The project has had a massive impact with children, staff and parents seeing what is possible when you work together as a team. The camp also made the children see the community in which they live in a new and exciting way. The children have made friendships that will last and support them on transition to secondary school.

The 2 schools have already booked for the Big Kirk Hallam campout next autumn as it was such a success this year. Let’s hope it is the start of many successful annual Big Kirk Hallam camp outs!

Grandparents – school lunches are much better now than when we were at school

Following a review of the community lunches project the 2 primary schools have now opened the scheme out to include grandparents of children attending the schools. Below are photos from a recent community lunch at Ladywood Primary School at which 40 older members of the community attended and ate a traditional roast dinner.

Mel Lawson, Head Teacher at Ladywood said

“ It was really lovely watching the older generation interact with the children. Additionally the older people also began chatting and mingling amongst themselves. One lady had crocheted some poppies and was able to sell those. There was a real community spirit and a lovely calm atmosphere throughout the lunch. A number of the grandparents commented how tasty the food was – much better than the school dinners they remembered!”

The lunches are still open to older members of the community even if you don’t have a grandchild at the school. To book a place just contact Ladywood Primary School reception (pop in or tel 0115 9320585) or Dallimore Primary School reception (pop in or tel 0115 9320741)

If you have a grandchild at the schools you will receive an invitation with other grandparents from your grandchild’s class.

Thank you to Big Kirk Hallam

We have received the following 2 messages of thanks following funding donations to All Saints Summer Fete Garden Party and the Lakeside Festival.

Esther Colington, Treasurer of the Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake wrote

“ The Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake would like to thank Big Kirk Hallam for the grant of £500 towards the Lakeside Festival. The event was another huge success with many people coming from both near and far to enjoy this popular local Festival”

The Reverend Christine French, the Priest in Charge of All Saints wrote

“I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for yourselves attending our recent Summer Fete Garden party on 14th June at the Community hall in Kirk Hallam, added to this another heart felt thank you for the kind donation of £300.

Kirk Hallam is a very special place and I hope over the years to come that we can join together for the benefit of the community, especially to empower them and to support them to reach their potential”

The fetes and festivals across Kirk Hallam play an important part in celebrating the community spirit that is at the heart of Kirk Hallam and Big Kirk Hallam is very proud to be able to support these events both by contributing funding and by attending to meet with residents. This year we have made funding contributions to The Lakeside Festival; Harvest Moon Festival; Summer Fun Festival; Childrens Centre Christmas Party, Easter party and Summer Fun Day; and All Saints Summer Fete Garden Party.

KHCA, Cyclo Cross and Tour of Britain

Over 120 students from Kirk Hallam Community Academy (KHCA) had the chance today of taking part in a cycle cross cycling course. Big Kirk Hallam provided £300 through the community chest for Cycle Derby to come into KHCA and run the event. Fields at KHCA were transformed into a cycling course with students experiencing cycle racing on proper racing bikes. The cycle cross training took place on the same day as the tour of Britain cycle race arrived in Kirk Hallam. The students also had the opportunity of seeing the race as it went by KHCA at the end of the school day.

Lorraine Stone, Head of PE at KHCA said “ The kids have absolutely loved the experience today. It’s been a great opportunity and Cycle Derby who ran it for us have really been complimentary about the students”

It is hoped that the day will lead to more young people becoming interested in cycling, make links with local clubs and better use of local resources such as the Nutbrook Trail. Additionally KHCA will be monitoring the number of young people cycling to school.

Photos to follow

Summer fun festival

Kirk Hallam’s summer festival of sports and activities at the Community College attracted 100s of children and young people and their families on a sunny Saturday in August. The Mayor of Erewash, Councillor Val Custance also came along to the event.

Many took part in an organised football tournament, enthusiastically cheered on by very sporting parents. A mobile skate park attracted dozens of boys and girls displaying their skills. Inside, a huge trampoline was in operation, providing a lot of bouncing fun, and there was basketball training taking place as well. On a neighbouring field, stalls with food and drink and various attractions welcomed visitors during the tournament breaks. The climbing wall and Punch and Judy were especially popular.

The summer festival was the big idea of Elley Cummings from the College, which supported the event. Elley and her colleague Ernest Weatherall have spent the last 6 months organising the event. Many volunteers and stall holders gave their time and expertise for free to make the event be such a success.

Big Kirk Hallam, the ten year £1m resident led programme, part funded this event with £1700 to help it get off the ground in its first year and hopefully establish it on the Kirk Hallam annual calendar of events fostering community spirit and offering more things to do and places to go for young people.

Elley said

“The day was a huge success with over 600 people attending. I’ve had all good feedback especially from the coaches (football, basketball and trampolining) and parents saying we should do it again next year. I want to say a massive thank you and show my appreciation to everyone that helped out, from the coaches, Earl taylor for organising the tournament, Martin Spencer and the army cadets for helping out at the entrance and on stalls and of course Earnest Weatherall for making the day happen. I want to thank Big Kirk Hallam too – it wouldn’t have been possible with out your support.”

Big Kirk Hallam looks forward to next year and hope the summer festival grows from strength to strength.

The photos show the Mayor of Erewash Councillor Val Custance with Elley Cummings and Earnest Weatherall and the Big Kirk Hallam stall next to Punch and Judy and the climbing wall