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Young people at the heart of Big Local – report and resources

Matt Betesta, Sylvie Humphreys and Amanda Speake represented Big Kirk Hallam at the national event held in Derby on 24 October as a partnership between Allenton Big Local and Big Kirk Hallam. They were on fire! Matt was co-chair for the event and also spoke about his involvement in helping run Big Kirk Hallam. Sylvie and Amanda spoke about the thousands of ways children and young people have created, run and benefited from activities and projects funded by Big Kirk Hallam and often run through the two primary schools.

Young people worked tirelessly throughout the event as roving reporters, conducting interviews and producing a newsletter which everyone got a copy of before the end of the day.

If you’d like to find out more everything can be found here:

And the specific links are here:

· Event report by Bill Badham (also attached)

· Storify story

· Powerpoint slides as a PDF

· Newsletter as a PDF

· Allenton Big Local Facebook page

· St Martin’s Church and Community Centre Makeover Facebook page

· Big Kirk Hallam Facebook page

NLE Oct17YPEvent -report.pdf


Thank you from AFC Kirk Hallam

We received the following from AFC Kirk hallam who received funding from Big Kirk hallam in the recent community chest awards

The kit and coats have been collected and they look amazing. We’ll hopefully be able to send a pic of the team wearing it this Sunday.
Thank you for everything you and your team have done, it’s helped us massively.

You’re welcome AFC Kirk Hallam and we’re looking forward to seeing the pictures

Big Kirk Hallam Camp Out 2017

Have a look at these photos from the Big Kirk hallam Camp Out aka Dalliwood Camp!

Looks like you all had a great time – can’t wait to hear from the young learners about the what you all (ant the teachers) got up to

Thank you – Grandparent’s Lunch at Dallimore School

we received the following from Debra Ward who attended the grandparent’s lunch at Dallimore Primary School

We would like to thank Dallimore School and Big Kirk Hallam for our ‘Grandparents lunch’ on Friday 5th May. We had a lovely time. It was ‘Fishy Friday’ so we enjoyed fish, chips, and a lovely fresh side salad, with fresh fruit for pudding.

Scarlett was very excited to have her Grandparents there, and was showing us what to do in the dinner queue and hall. She even insisted I sit on one side of her and her Grandad on the other side. it was lovely to see how nice the school environment is, and I was pleased to see all the displays on anti-bullying and how the children need to care about, and be kind to one another. It was also really nice to see the Head Teacher sitting having lunch and chatting with some of the children.

What a great experience, thanks again!

You’re welcome Debra – we’re glad you and Scarlett had a great time

Thank you from Ladywood young learners

We received the following letters from young learners at Ladywood Primary School, telling us how the funding they had received from Big Kirk Hallam has been used

This year Big Kirk Hallam has given us a big surprise by sending us Drumba teachers (Declan, Kian) All yr6 loved it and we would love to do it again. Then there is grandparents dinner it is a great opportunity to sit, eat and talk to your loved ones. Also there are Junior leaders and reading buddies. Reading buddies has given us a reading shed and a club to teach little ones to read.

Thank you Courtney Biggs

First of all, I would like to thank Big Kirk hallam for allowing us to do this activity. This term we have been doing many different things but my favourite was Drumba, it is drumming and zumba combined. On Friday 12th May we went into the hall and met our instructors Declan and Kian. They started to teach us some basic drumming moves, once we had learnt the moves we had to add some zumba moves to it. We started with the easiest song then it gradually increased in difficulty. Furthermore, Chestnut tree class then moved on to a game of musical sticks (It’s like musical chairs) We had about 5 games of that. Lastly year 6 completed the final sequence and then Drumba was finished. 

by Nicole Horsley

First of all I would like to thank Big Kirk Hallam for helping with activities at Ladywood Primary School. The activity i have enjoyed the most is Drumba. On the 12th May 2017 all of the year 6s took part in an activity called Drumba. This activity is a great experience for children to have. It is not just about drumming but you exercise while you are experiencing this activity. You are also able to communicate with your friends and students in your class you don’t communicate with during your time in the classroom.

by Maisy

Throughout 2016/17 the Big Kirkhallam has given Ladywood many opportunities. First of all, the grandparents dinner where you can eat and talk to your loved ones. Then we do the savers bank in a morning where you can save up money and carry it on even after yr6. Big Camp Out was one of the best. (Even though it was quite cold!) We got the chance to make our own clean water out of dirty water, eat bugs and do archery. one more was Drumba, that was the best gift from doing out SATS.

Thank you Olivia Burrows


Thank you Courtney, Nicole, Maisy and Olivia. We love hearing about what you have been unto at Ladywood and the difference the Big Kirk Hallam money makes